Creating a Culture of Recognition

It’s Wise to Recognize!

Recognizing employees for their efforts and achievements in their day-to-day duties has long been a cornerstone of effective management practices. Employees feel validated for their work, and it’s evident that the company appreciates them. As the employment market becomes more competitive, employers must find new ways to recognize and commend their teams for their work.

Craft a core recognition program that reviews employees’ value they bring and how they are recognized and rewarded. As a company grows, it’s challenging, but leadership must remain dedicated to new and innovative ways to improve employee recognition.

From a young age, people are recognized by their parents, teachers, and friends. Unfortunately, this drive and desire for positive affirmation and reinforcement, especially during formative developmental years, means that people may interpret a neutral or less-than-enthusiastic response as negative.

Employee recognition remains a driving force as people mature and enter the workforce. Consistent reinforcement encourages high job performance, helps your organization retain talent, and improves employee engagement.

Companies recognize their employees for many things, including common achievements, hitting desired metrics, going above and beyond, and reaching significant career milestones. Establishing criteria for what they are recognized for is as important as how they are rewarded. Consider the following:

Be Specific

While people appreciate general praise, recognition tends to be more meaningful and impactful when it’s tied to a specific objective or accomplishment. Be direct and genuine.

Be Prompt

Recognition means more when received promptly, so find the time and make an effort now.

There’s No Perfect Solution

There are several ways to recognize employees for their efforts, and monetary rewards aren’t the only option. Catered meals, surprise time off or a significant shout-out can work well.

A Little Goes a Long Way

While grander gestures stand out and are an important part of employee recognition from time to time, never underestimate the power of daily thanks and other affirmations. Scheduling reminders for birthdays and work anniversaries are great places to start.

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