FAN Leadership Team on The Road and in the News This Spring

FAN-Leadership-Team-on-The-Road-and-in-the-News-This-SpringIt’s hard to believe we’re into the summer season already. Here at FAN and, the spring flew by. And in just the past few months, you didn’t have to look hard to find a member of our leadership team sharing their thoughts about building affiliated arrangements, RON as a Service or general strategic tips on delivering the best customer service and most efficient use of resources! Our sincere thanks to the various trade organizations (ALTA, October Research, RESPRO) and other trusted real estate entities and resources who invited our teammates to share their thoughts on a variety of industry topics over the course of several articles, webinars and conferences. We also made a little news ourselves, with our launch of our own RaaS offering in California.

Getting the ball rolling

We kicked off the spring a little early, and with a bang as well. Guiding title businesses through challenging markets was the topic of discussion for our CEO Aaron Davis and Title Alliance’s Jim Campbell during an October Research webinar in mid-February.  If you missed Strategic Planning for 2024 in February, you can download it here.

In early March, our own Operations Manager, Andrea Somers and President and CAO Amy Gregory travelled to Houston, where they walked RESPRO One Stop attendees through the practical, operations side of building an affiliated title operation. Aaron also presented on ABAs in a separate session.

Staying busy in April and beyond

The hits kept coming in April, as Aaron joined highly regarded national attorney Trip Riley on an ALTA webinar discussing how to build scalable, compliant JV title operations.

In April, RESPA News also reached out to Aaron and our COO, Mike LaRosa, to give a preview of their upcoming presentation about building AfBAs. They were then joined on stage by one of Florida’s largest real estate brokers, Andrew Duncan, to present that session at NS3 in late May.

Aaron stayed busy in May, as he was also among a small list of top real estate CEOs invited to attend the prestigious T3 Leadership Summit in Frisco, Texas. That attendee list included CEOs from businesses like Zillow, Costar (,, Keller Williams and more.

We also had a chance to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Paramount Title joining our network in the past few months. We talked to a few Paramount teammates to hear their thoughts about the union, 10 years later.

But wait, there’s more!

There won’t be a lot of time to rest for our leadership team, either. We hope you’ll tune in on Thursday, June 20 at 11am ET to hear Mike joined by expert panelists Michael Krein and Marx Sterbcow to discuss the impact of the recent buyer’s agent commission ruling and settlement. That podcast is being produced by Rexera and should be very informative.

It’s been a lot of fun (and a little bit of travel) for Aaron, Amy, Andrea and Mike to get out and not only share their thoughts on hot industry topics, but to catch up with clients, old friends and new contacts over the course of the past few months. Enjoy your summer everyone – it won’t be long before we’re saying “Bring on the fall conference season!”



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