We've recently discussed the "Internet of Things" and smart homes, but now there's some big news from Apple that might shake some things up.

What Is Home Automation And The "Internet of Things"?

If you need a quick refresher as to what the internet of things are, it's a series of gadgets that have been given the ability to connect to the internet for your convenience.

This means that your fridge might have a screen where you log your food levels so you know when to go to the store—and how much to buy. Or, your thermostat could detect if you were home and adjust itself accordingly to save you energy. These features are gaining ground and making sure homes are equipped (or at least ready) for these appliances is a big deal.

The News

Apple announced yesterday during their WWDC keynote presentation that they're working with some of the biggest names in home technology to get most (if not all) devices onto a single standard of communication. This is a welcome change as the current market is filled with apps for each device, making managing a smart home a little complex.

The list of companies on-screen at the keynote are:

Now, with the addition of these standards, Siri can control the home with certain commands. The keynote itself used the example of telling Siri "I'm going to bed" to initiate the doors locking, lights going out, and other actions.

There will also be an app (most likely) that will allow you to control all of your devices at once—smoke alarms, thermostats, door locks, and others to start.

If you're a real estate agent of any kind advising your clients or assessing market value of a home, home automation systems are still valuable, but stay tuned to find out which systems will follow these new standards—and to see how Apple's new developments will help push the smart home into more common acceptance. This could be big news for the real estate market as well as the consumer market.

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